Weekly Resident meeting Dec 6th 2015

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Weekly Resident meeting Dec 6th 2015

Postby Constanza Amsterdam » Sun Dec 06, 2015 10:09 pm

- Servers are all moved to new hosting. sim crossings are improved and rez/load are aswell.
- Kiko is building a new safe zone which gives both new to VW and older VWers a place to feel at home straight from the start. The new safe zone has priority above the other sims she is working on, however they will all be completed in the future.
- LeVamp has been appointed to TAG Event Organizer. At the moment he is doing the Christmas Build competition. You can still participate in that (See the sign here).
- For everyone that missed it, the new teleport hud is now available in the freebie store on The Safe Zone.
- Darieth is working on the website at the moment making partnering and un-partnering possible without having to file a ticket or go to the old website.
- Also he is working on the Sell TAG Bucks page which will make it possible to pay for your sims with TAG bucks instead of having to cash out first.

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