Weekly Resident meeting Feb 21st 2016

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Weekly Resident meeting Feb 21st 2016

Postby Constanza Amsterdam » Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:42 pm

[13:05] Constanza Amsterdam: Welcome everyone to the Weekly meeting although its been a while this time due to valentine etc and Happy 2nd birthday everyone!
[13:05] Cloey Dawner: ok, got it *wipes borow*
[13:05] Cloey Dawner: Thank you
[13:05] Constanza Amsterdam: What have we done the last weeks:
[13:05] Constanza Amsterdam: Darieth has been working on the Database and the structure of the servers. This to make it run more smooth but also for future purpose so we can scale more easily and get servers and regions online quicker.
[13:06] Constanza Amsterdam: The crash during the event was hosting side btw, they decided to do maintainance without informing
[13:06] Constanza Amsterdam: i gave them a hiding today
[13:06] Constanza Amsterdam: LOL
[13:07] Constanza Amsterdam: As prob everyone has seen, we now have a Newsletter that is being sent about every month with info about the grid. We try to keep it as light as possible. if you dont want to get the newsletter, please click on un-subscribe in the newsletter received.
[13:07] Constanza Amsterdam: Another new thing is a FREE home for new Taggers. this home can only be used in the first 30 days after registration and then they will have to move out.
[13:07] Constanza Amsterdam: This is not to compete with Rental Company's but to make them feel at home so they stay and rent land later on or get their own sim.
[13:08] Constanza Amsterdam: On the first home region we will have an info center with TAGurl's to rental offices and the buy land on the website.
[13:08] Constanza Amsterdam: The TAG Shopping Center and Free new Tagger homes are being managed by our new TAG Land Manager Sierra Cheri, so if you have questions, please refer them to her.
[13:08] Sierra Cheri: ╬¯`·._.· ╬ Ⓣh∀nk ⋋ou ╬·._.·´¯ ╬
[13:08] Constanza Amsterdam: The our TAG Event Host Levamp has set up a new build contest, this time for St. Patricks Day.
[13:09] Constanza Amsterdam: It starts on feb 26th until march 15th and the rules are simple: only prims and colours, no sculpty, mesh or textures and it has to look like the example. For more info go to the event section at TAG Welcome Center.
[13:09] Constanza Amsterdam: Then the TAG Help Center, its a work in progress but the sections on how to learn how to build, lag vs u (tips to avoid lag) and the how to script section are near done. It will also have free full perms scripts available there. A few have been added already.
[13:10] Constanza Amsterdam: oh cool Em
[13:10] Constanza Amsterdam: I think this covers everything at the moment so now its time for questions :) Who has one?
[13:10] Constanza Amsterdam: Sierra :P
[13:10] Constanza Amsterdam: lol
[13:10] Cloey Dawner: Are the safe zone and welcome center the same?
[13:11] KataToki Torok: raise My hand
[13:11] Constanza Amsterdam: yes Cloey
[13:11] Cloey Dawner: okies
[13:11] Constanza Amsterdam: we renamed the safe zone to TAG Welcome Center
[13:11] Cloey Dawner: great, thank you
[13:12] Constanza Amsterdam: shoot Kata
[13:12] Constanza Amsterdam: lol
[13:12] KataToki Torok: on the build contest you said no textures sorry not understand
[13:13] Constanza Amsterdam: yes correct, no textures... just the colour palet
[13:13] Sierra Cheri: wood box with colour
[13:13] KataToki Torok: ok I think
[13:13] Draco Wolfenhaut: who won the last build contest?
[13:13] Constanza Amsterdam: we like to challenge :P
[13:13] Constanza Amsterdam: 1. marcos 2. Clydar 3. logan
[13:14] Cloey Dawner: What is the prize :P?
[13:14] emily slinkycub: tagbucks
[13:14] Cloey Dawner: kewl
[13:14] Constanza Amsterdam: 10.000X's
[13:14] Constanza Amsterdam: 5000X's
[13:14] Constanza Amsterdam: 2500X's
[13:15] Constanza Amsterdam: and spread tthe word... the more the better :)
[13:15] KataToki Torok: well animations dance or pose allow this time
[13:15] KataToki Torok: sorry well be allow
[13:15] Constanza Amsterdam: we have an example of the build... you can use animations etc to make it cool
[13:16] KataToki Torok: even if there not yours
[13:16] Constanza Amsterdam: it needs to contain: rainbow, money pot and dwarf (cant writ leprahcon)
[13:16] Cloey Dawner: lol
[13:17] Constanza Amsterdam: lol
[13:17] Cloey Dawner wants to apologize if she misses anything on voice, had to turn volume down b/cause Master is napping :/
[13:17] Sierra Cheri: its only me and em
[13:17] emily slinkycub: np cloeyt just two brits funning at each other
[13:18] Cloey Dawner grins
[13:18] Constanza Amsterdam: any other questions?
[13:18] KataToki Torok: not for me
[13:18] emily slinkycub: yes whats the staus on the mainlkand project?
[13:18] emily slinkycub: mainland even
[13:19] Constanza Amsterdam: in order to have mainland, we first need to re-do the registration progress and add the premium(this wont be the name) memberships
[13:19] emily slinkycub: nods
[13:19] Constanza Amsterdam: Darieth is now finishing up the exchange and the partnering pages
[13:20] Constanza Amsterdam: and then he starts with the registration process
[13:20] Constanza Amsterdam: yep
[13:20] Constanza Amsterdam: so in the main while we have the hometown sim
[13:21] Constanza Amsterdam: i will add... we will keep the rate as is now, we wont do what SL did with changing buy and sell
[13:22] Sierra Cheri: and we never going to be a hypergated grid right
[13:22] Constanza Amsterdam: nope
[13:22] Constanza Amsterdam: We will stay a close grid
[13:22] Cloey Dawner: Are uploading textures/prims/mesh going to remain free?
[13:22] Cloey Dawner: good
[13:22] Constanza Amsterdam: yes Cloey
[13:23] emily slinkycub: most of us hated the prim tax with a vengence cloey
[13:23] Constanza Amsterdam: hehe
[13:23] Cloey Dawner: I still have a store in SL, and it is expensive to update, so I have a lot of old clothes in my store lol
[13:23] Constanza Amsterdam: we will do other things to sink, like premium memberships that can be paid with tag bucks as well as tier payments
[13:23] emily slinkycub: xml them over rents are cheap here
[13:24] Cloey Dawner: i just got a sim lol, but I managed to crash it already
[13:24] Sierra Cheri: well done lol
[13:24] emily slinkycub: it happens cloey but whenever you need help yell
[13:24] Cloey Dawner: I know! Just waiting for the magic man to wake up :P
[13:24] Constanza Amsterdam: it will be bck soon Cloey, Dar is waking up
[13:24] Cloey Dawner: :D
[13:25] Constanza Amsterdam: he just needs coffee
[13:25] Constanza Amsterdam: lol
[13:25] Constanza Amsterdam: any other questions?
[13:25] emily slinkycub: no but i have a suggestion on the TAG LM hud
[13:25] Constanza Amsterdam: shoot
[13:26] emily slinkycub: those of us opening regions and clubs submit an LM to you by the end of the month so they can be included in updates when we open the areas
[13:26] Constanza Amsterdam: yes thats already the case, and i know which new regions we have aswell to add them
[13:27] Constanza Amsterdam: I do like to add that both me and Lord have an opendoor policy
[13:27] Constanza Amsterdam: we are always available to answer questions
[13:28] Sierra Cheri: I always have loads
[13:28] Cloey Dawner makes a note to bug them
[13:28] Constanza Amsterdam: hhe
[13:28] emily slinkycub: i think the same can be said for the mentors here too so anytime you cant reach lord, cons just bug a mentor
[13:28] Constanza Amsterdam: We like open and honest business
[13:28] Sierra Cheri: or me if I am on
[13:28] Cloey Dawner: Thank you all!
[13:28] Sierra Cheri: ╋ ¸¸.·´¯`·.¸·.>>--»╬ ⅄Ø∐ '℟ℇ ℣∉℟⋋ Щℰℒↀℳモ ╬«---< <·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.╋
[13:28] emily slinkycub: yw
[13:29] Constanza Amsterdam: and if all that fails, we have a brilliant ticket system
[13:29] Cloey Dawner goes afk
[13:30] Constanza Amsterdam: Clydar just moved
[13:30] Constanza Amsterdam: Any one has questions?
[13:30] Sierra Cheri: ╬¯`·._.· ╬ Ⓣh∀nk ⋋ou ╬·._.·´¯ ╬
[13:31] Draco Wolfenhaut: no not really at this time but I'm sure I'll come up with some later
[13:31] Constanza Amsterdam: lol
[13:31] KataToki Torok: he good at that
[13:31] Sierra Cheri: lol
[13:31] KataToki Torok: ask my all ready ty
[13:31] Constanza Amsterdam: cool
[13:31] KataToki Torok: and t you all for add me y
[13:31] Ken Miller: Nope
[13:31] Sierra Cheri: thank you too
[13:32] emily slinkycub pushes kens chair over
[13:32] Constanza Amsterdam: Bull must have woken up
[13:32] Levamp Soothsayer is online.
[13:32] Constanza Amsterdam: There is Vampie
[13:33] Constanza Amsterdam: ok then i guess we are done for today
[13:33] Constanza Amsterdam: Heya Vampie
[13:33] Cloey Dawner is back
[13:33] Constanza Amsterdam: wb Cloey
[13:33] Cloey Dawner: and yes He did
[13:33] Sierra Cheri: ╋•^v^–╬ --ЩӘ⅂ℂ℺ℳℰ ⒷムつЌ-- ╬–^v^•╋
[13:33] Constanza Amsterdam: Did you have another question Cloey?
[13:34] Cloey Dawner: nope, not at the moment, thanks you
[13:34] Constanza Amsterdam: ok then we are done for today. I will post this also on the forums
[13:34] Sierra Cheri: ╬¯`·._.· ╬ Ⓣh∀nk ⋋ou ╬·._.·´¯ ╬

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