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Getting Started

Setting up your TAG marketplace account:

First set up your account by going to "Edit Profile" on the right side of the page. This is important as some of this information will be shown on your profile/Merchant page and or under your items. You can however change these details at anytime.

If you are using the "share profit" section (PLEASE NOTE: this only works if the partner is also registered with TAG Marketplace) you can go to "My Inventory" and then the tab "Split Groups" then make a split profit group by clicking on "add group" . It works on percentages, so when you change your prices, you don't have to recount the shares for your partners.

Now you have done the initial work and set your account up with TAG marketplace, you are now ready to get your Merchantbox.

NOTE: The Merchantbox is packed into the Merchant Box, so unpack first before you go to the next step.

Setting up your Merchantbox to list your items:

Rez your Merchant Box in world (1 prim) , right click it to go into edit mode and choose the content tab. Drag all your items and (full perms) item textures in the box and wait until the Merchant Box says "Ready" The Merchant box must remain rezzed in world at all times for it to be able to make the deliveries.

Go back to the web site and click on "My Items" and then on "Add new item" ( right top of the page)

Fill in all the information (PLEASE NOTE: Your shop SLurl and web site details are not needed in the description field of the item, as you filled those in under "Edit Profile" ) and then click on "add item". For now ignore the "Vendor" Tick box, as the vendors have not been released yet but are coming soon.

Now the item is viewable for shoppers on the web site.

Moving your Merchantbox to another sim:

Take a copy of the Merchantbox you wish to move into your inventory (not the original)

Go to the website and go to "My inventory". Select the tab "Slaptboxes" and click on the 2 arrows you see, then select "Delete"

Go to the new place and rez the copy you have just taken. Wait a few seconds and everything is listed again as it was on the website.

When you follow these instructions in the order above the old box inworld will be automatically deleted when you delete it from the website.

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