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quetion answer

* I cannot verify my account at the in world terminal.

Please ensure that you type the word verify before the number in the local chat

* I have lost the verification code from TAG Marketplace and can't verify my account.

You can request your verification code by contacting Constanza Amsterdam in world. You will receive an email with your code. Please keep this safe as well.

* I would like a TAG marketplace terminal on my land.

Please post a request on our forum and we will place a terminal for you as soon as we can.

* Must my Items be "Boxed" to go into my slapt box?

We have made the slaptbox indeed to only hold items in a prim, this because most of the merchants put their items in boxes with landmarks and notecards, so when customers open the box they have everything in 1 folder.

* Can I add extra images to my product listing?

You can upload an additional 5 images via your hard drive (jpg, png, gif or tga with a max size of 512x512). This does not mean you always have to use the slaptbox image as the default image, you can set one of the uploaded images as your image default

* I have forgotten my Password.

Forgot password has been added to the website and also to the in world terminal. Go to an in world terminal and say in local chat: resetpassword Be sure to make it one word and a new password will be sent to your email address. Alternatively click the "Forgot Password" link on the main website and a new password will be emailed to you also.

* How do I withdraw my X$ funds to real cash?

We will not have this option as all funds have to be traceable for the TAG Founders. You can only withdraw X$'s back to your avatar via the inworld terminals. See below for more details.

* Got my slapt box, loaded it and created a new listing. However about 10 minutes after I listed it, it vanished. When I look at the "View My Listings" for the item, the description box is red with blue edit or delete buttons.

Make sure "The Listed on Website" button is checked for it to display on the website.

* I have added new items to the marketplace, am selecting sales sign textures from the inventory of box in world, but the products are coming up as texture not found.

At this moment you can only use images you uploaded from your harddrive.(jpg, png, gif or tga with a max size of 512x512

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